80 y/o saved elephants from poahcers – Years later they line up to thank her in the most beautiful way.

Daphne Sheldrick is a hero you’ve probably never heard of. She’s not celebrated, she doesn’t have a school named after her and she’s not a ‘celebrity’. But yet she lives quite an extraordinary life. Daphne is a hero to elephants!

This hero has spent almost half a century dedicated to saving hundreds of orphaned elephants in her home in Nairobi.

Mrs Sheldrick has managed to perfect the most remarkable formula that beautifully mimics elephant milk. This has proved to be crucial for the babies orphaned by poachers.

Even though she is now in her 80s, she still wakes up every morning with the same passion and dedication to keeping these gentle giants safe from extinction.

Mrs Sheldrick is a truly inspirational woman. She works tirelessly to prevent poachers from taking any more of these gorgeous creatures lives.

This footage comes from ArgoFilm‘s “Wisdom of the Wild”, PBS’ Nature Series documentary. The program focussed on Daphne Sheldrick and her elephant orphanage.
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