Smart Meter Scam Exposed In University Study

What exactly is a smart meter and the scam behind it? A major “smart meter scam” has been discovered by a study conducted in a university, that looked into consumer energy, and exploits how customers […]

Suntans on children ‘are not healthy’

A suntan is a sign of skin damage, not glowing health, NHS England and the Met Office are reminding parents in Britain just days after a heatwave. A survey suggests a third of parents mistakenly […]

Top 5 Cities With The Most Native Americans

From coast to coast, one can find American Indians and Alaska Natives from every nation scattered across the country. With 78 percent of Native Americans living off the reservation, you might wonder which cities have […]

The 10 Biggest Pow Wows in Indian Country

Powwow season is almost upon us. Warm weather brings out drum groups, singers, dancers and the beloved Indian taco stands. The United States hosts hundreds of powwows every year, but which ones draw in the […]