Officer Who Refused Direct Orders To Kill Two Helpless Animals Pays A Big Price

What would you do if you were ordered to do something that went against your personal moals? It takes a lot of guts and a strong sense of right and wrong to stick to what you personally believe is right. That’s a decision that conservation officer Bryce Casavant faced when he was called over to a home in British Columbia, Canada to subdue two wild bear cubs.

It is believed that the cubs were in search of their mother, who had been put down after breaking into a trailer too many times.

The cubs were successfully subdued and tranquilized, but then Officer Casavant was given an order he couldn’t follow through on.

He was told to euthanize the two bear cubs, and as an animal lover, he could not bring himself to do so.

So he went against his superior’s orders and followed his heart instead. He knew that killing these innocent and confused bear cubs would be a cruel act. So he took them to a rehabilitation facility where they would be cared for and looked after.

When his superiors got word of what he’d done, Casavant was promptly suspended without pay. He wasn’t necessarily surprised by the action, but it came as a blow to him. He knew he’d done the right thing, but the cost he paid was heavy.

But then the Internet heard about the story, too. People around the world were outraged at what his superiors had done. Within hours, a petition was up to give him his paying job back, and it garnered countless signatures.

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  1. I am one of these types of people too, would never harm any living thing, unless it was harming me. These 2 cubs, weren’t harming anyone, just looking for its mom. So why kill them, and throw them away like garbage is beyond me. These are God’s creatures. So I know this officer, was doing the right thing by giving them refuge in a rehabilitation center, to teach them with other animals of its kind to forge for food, water on their own. Thank you for doing what is right Mr. Police Officer. Now give him his job back, He deserves it even though he disobeyed an order, which he knew was in his right to do, to save a living creature of God’s.

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