Owner Desperately Tries To Save Her Tiny Pet From Pit Bull Who Viciously Attacks Them

This is the distressing moment how a loving owner desperately tries to save her tiny Beagle from the savage jaw of a Pit Bull who suddenly attacks them.
A Pit Bull viciously attacks a little pooch and its owner in broad daylight on the streets of the U.S

The owner of the Pit Bull tries to restrain his dog but it is too powerful and already locks its jaws on the puppy. The crowd later on responded to help the Beagle along with its owner who desperately tries to protect her poor pet.
They drag the Pit Bull away while some of them kicks and wrestles the dog in a desperate attempt to free the pup.

After a minute of intense brawl with the Pit Bull, the tiny dog was finally pulled to safety.

The owner of the Beagle cries in terror and was in a state of shock. Good thing concerned onlookers comforted her. The petrified puppy was left with a few bites while the owner got a bloody nose.
It’s been a long debate whether Pit Bulls are dangerous or not…

Pit Bulls are originally created as fighting dogs by breeding Bulldogs and Terriers together and this incident just proves their true strength.

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  1. i would of kicked that pit to . and the owner of that damn dog , that poor woman and her little dog . that is awful both that woman and her little dog is probably forever traumatized !!!!

  2. To the stupid woman screaming “Don’t kick the dog!” What do you think the pit was doing to the beagle? Kissing it? I didn’t see you over there helping to get the pit off the puppy.

  3. Efy, you must be mindless twit yelling “don’t kick the dog”. I’d like to see this pit have you by the throat, as I stand by and watch, saying “Oh my, let the dog play”! I see the owner in the confusion waddles away, he trained this pit to behave in this manner. He’s totally lible. He should be charged, fined, jailed, and sued. The pit should be taken away and given to a “save a pit group” for rehabilitation if the pit can be saved. This pit owner dressed like an outlaw biker obviously insecure with his looks, that he needs an intiminating pit to scare the crap out of Joe Citizen! Because of stupid pit owners like him there is a bounty on this breed of dog. ~DT ~

  4. That last statement was false pitbulls were not bread for fighting they were bread as nanny dogs to protect family’s from wild animals that would come on the property. It’s human error why pitbulls attack others not the breed. I really wish people would stop blaming the breed and start putting the blame where it belongs.

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