Paralyzed Stroke Victim Overhears Doctors Selling His Organs on the Black Market

As a patient lay in bed suffering from paralysis after suffering a stroke, he overheard doctors “cutting a deal” on his organs to sell on the black market.

Jimi Fritze was completely paralyzed, unable to move or speak, when he heard hospital staff haggling for the best price on his body parts.

The severity of his attack was so severe that he couldn’t even move his eye, although he later said that the only thing he could do was see and hear.

Following a brain scan, doctors told his girlfriend there was “no hope,” before negotiating a price on his vital organs after she left the room.

Mr. Fritze could hear every word, however, and was forced to lay there, helpless.

“Only my ears and eyes were working,” Fritze said.

“They (the doctors) told my girlfriend that there was no hope,”

After being told that Jimi was left brain dead by his stroke and that he would never recover, devastated friends and family visited his bedside to make their final goodbyes.

As Mr. Fritz lay helpless in his hospital bed, he was listening to staff telling his closest family that there was “zero chance of recovery.”

They then proceeded to discuss options and recommended to his next of kin they “end his pain as soon as possible” by “pulling the plug.”

Fritze said he heard every word, but had to lay in horror with no way to get the doctors’ or his family’s attention.

It was three days until he got a second opinion when his regular doctor returned from holiday.

“She looked at my scans and said ‘This doesn’t look too bad’ and told the staff to give me cortisone to bring down the swelling in my brain,” Fritze recalled.

“But even so, my girlfriend and my sister had to fight with the night nurse to give me cortisone, and this was just one day before they had said they would make a final ‘chance of survival’ assessment.”

While he then improved, it would take another three weeks before he could communicate with his family.

Two years later, he still struggles with his speech.

He said it had taken him so long to report the treatment to the authorities for two reasons.

Firstly, he had merely been too unwell to take the task on.

Secondly, an item on the news spurred him into action.

“It was about a Danish woman.

“They took her off life support, but then she survived.

He has now sent an official complaint to the health and welfare board over the treatment he suffered.

“If that doctor hadn’t come back from (her) holiday, would I have been made to lie there until my body couldn’t take it any longer?” Fritze queried in his complaint.

According to a shocking report by Life Site News, every day, patients in America are diagnosed “brain dead,” and more than half, according to one organ procurement individual, become organ and tissue donors.

What’s alarming is that most Americans are clueless regarding the subjective nature of a brain death diagnosis.

Simply declaring a patient “brain dead” can mean making big bucks on the black market after harvesting a person’s organs.

New regulations in the United States allow doctors to inject “corpses” with paralyzers to prevent them from moving while removing organs.

The law requires a person to be officially declared brain dead before their organs can be removed.

An investigation into Mr. Fritz case is underway.

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