This 8 Year Old Bride Died On Her Wedding Night For The Most Sickening Reason

In over 90 countries, marrying a child is legal. This disgusting and sickening practice goes on day in a day out all over the world in which we live. Small, young children are married off to men two, three and four times their age.

In this sad case, one 8-year-old Yemeni girl was forced to marry a man three times her age. One their ‘wedding night’, the little girl passed away. Why? Due to internal bleeding after she was ‘raped’ by her ‘husband’.

This practice is all too common in Yemen, with more than a quarter of the female population in 2015 marrying before the age of 15.

Due to atrocities like these many groups all over the world are calling for a ban to the tradition, with one argument stating we’ve moved away from barbarism and should continue to do so; though they’ve met with a crap-ton of resistance from the current Yemeni population.

This is not a practice we need in 2016 and for the future. A disgusting and sad reality that must be exonerated to ensure the safety and well being of children being brought up as civilians in these 90 countries.

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  1. Horrible,awful and disgust! Oh, dearly, innocent and sweet baby girls lose their future lives. I can’t talk more about greedy, heartless, sex offenders and false christians. 😱

  2. You know? I’ve seen this same story in four different places…..with 3 different pictures of the “Yemeni girl.” two of the photos were stock photos taken of random little girls and random older men. Sooooo, I don’t know what to make of this photo and accompanying story, at all.

    That said, the statistics of Native American minors being victims of sexual assault is stated as 1 in 3 are violated…..I posit that the numbers are even higher than that. In the off-reservation world, I have yet to find a single woman who has not been sexually violated or assaulted. Not one. I’m up to 100 people (all women) asked, and I have yet to find one that says that no man ever tried to take, what is mine to give. NOT ONE. I’ll keep asking, in hopes that, out there, is an exception to the rule. i won’t be holding my breath, though. Most men think they are entitled to full control of our bodies and minds. I won’t allow such treatment, and it’s probably why I can no longer trust men.

    Not sure how a Yemeni girl fits into the Native American picture, but be certain that this has happened, over there. Many, many times. With each younger bride those sickos marry, the risk of this happening becomes much greater. ……unfortunately for a Muslim man, the precedent of a single-digit aged daughter has reference in the Qu’uran. but these guys are screwing up that, too…….Mohammed married a 9 yr old, according to the holy book of Islam. What they never tell you, is that Mohammed did not consummate the marriage until she was older, choosing instead to act as her guardian, until she was ready to be a wife. In those days, it was normal for both a woman to marry at 12-13; and for a man to teach and nurture the betrothed. Not breaking the tenets of the Qu’uran, but preparing his protegee for marriage. Certainly isn’t written that he raped her……in essence, he had to finish raising her in order to marry her. This reminds me A WHOLE BUNCH to keep religious zealots of any stripe in check. A muslim who dotes on kindness is your best opiton.

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