This Woman Barely Spoke Or Smile, But When She Met Daisy, Her Life Changed!

With crime rates shooting sky limits, recently Sergeant Tony Marshall gave a lecture on elderly targeting scammers. He spoke to the residents of Star and Garter Nursing home where the limelight were the canines present in the corners of the room.

Apart from the fact that the cute litter of pups overjoyed the inmates, the true highlight was when the pups proceeded to the bed-ridden in-mates who could not attend the lecture. This is the tale of Daisy, an 11-week old pup who amazed and melted Muriel’s emotionless behavior in a split-second.

Daisy was, placed on the lap of a patient who was in the nursing home for the past couple of months. This woman, Muriel who was the least emotional woman in the home, immediately sprang up on her bed and started to pet and cuddle the pup.

It was almost as if Daisy and Muriel were destined to find each other sooner than later. Neither knows who fell in love the first, but both Muriel and Daisy has already grown too fond and inseparable of each other.

Muriel’s long-term nurse explained how Muriel almost never discloses her feelings openly and the sudden outburst is a miracle to her.

The nurse emphasises that the miracle is so unique that she can never forget the moment till her death.

Everyone knows that dogs are therapeutically, but what other amazing things can they provide the elderly to enhance their lifestyle? If you liked this story, share it with your friends now.

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