What does your nails shape say about your personality?

Our palm is an important part of our body, especially when it’s about relationships between people. We give a hand when we meet someone and to say hello, we hold hands with our beloved person, and we shake hands when we are grateful. That is why it is extremely important to also take care of the nails. We should cut them, clean them, women can even polish them because a well-kept hand is like human’s picture.
You have probably never thought that nails can also tell something about your personality. It turns out that eight types of nail plate shapes define the human nature. You do not even realise how much that little detail can say about you! Read our article to find out what we are able to say about the person based on her nail shape.
Look at your hand and match your nails to our drawing and then see what your nails say about you.

1. Square

If your nails are short and look like a square, it means that you were born to be a leader. Your personality is characterized by bravery and ability to cope with difficult situations. You are natural, energetic and ambiguous. But you are also very critical and you can defend your opinion even in the price of friendship. Of course, you can start the quarrel but only when you feel threatened and when you actually have a reason for doing so.

2. Almond

If your nails are long and oval it means that you are self-confident, but not a conceited person. You are faithful, honest, and even you don’t like conflicts and quarrel, you can really fight for your own opinion. You quickly get the sympathy of others because you are a problem-free person and you are trustworthy. Others appreciate that you can handle a lot of things and they like to spend time with you.


3. Triangular

If you have nails in this shape your personality can be defined in two words: smart perfectionist. You like all innovations and everything which is original and trendy. You are also very smart, you can handle any situation, you think faster than others, so everybody values your intellect. People like to be around you because you are also talkative and funny. That’s why you have a lot of devoted friends.

4. Rounded

This shape of nails means that you are a very relaxed person, who values harmony and knows well what is most important in life. You are also very sensible and live according to rules. You do not follow the fashion and trends, and you never imitate others. Maybe you have a small number of close friends, but these are very deep friendships for the lifetime.

5. Trapezoidal

If your nails have the shape of a trapeze or a sword, it means that you are very hardworking and ambitious. You are engaged in every project 100% and consistently pursue your aim. You are very patient, so you have a good influence on others. People see the positive power in you and like to be under your influence. You like helping others and you get a lot of satisfaction out of doing this.

6. Wide on the sides

Sincerity is your main feature. If your nails are wide it means that you like clear situations and never play unnecessary games, because it is easy to get you out of the balance. You always tell the truth and you are very responsible. Your friends value that they can depend on you and when they have a problem, they always come to you for advice because they know you will never cheat on them.

7. Vertical and long

Do you have narrow, vertical and long nails? It looks like everything must always go according to your mind, otherwise, you get angry. But in fact, you are a person who has a gentle attitude and people need to know you better to understand that you are a good and benevolent human. Your friends can really depend on you and you are always ready to help them. That’s why there are always many people with whom you are getting along without many obstacles.

8. Rectangular

This nails shape means that you are a very creative person. You have millions of crazy ideas in a minute, so you have a great chance to achieve a great success in the future. You are also cheerful, optimistic and sociable. You love new experiences, learning new things, and meeting new people.

Remember that you can work on the appearance of your nails, so this text does not have to be the general truth about your personality.
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